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How to Know Values and Grow Your Inventory Fast

Roblox Adopt Me is a game where you can trade to get better pets. Adopt Me players usually refer to this as growing your inventory or going from poor to rich. Poor to rich challenges are trading races I’ve (Elvebredd) often done on my YouTube channel with 300K+ subscribers and 70M+ views. In my World Record trading race, I went from Dog to Shadow Dragon in 50 hours by using these values and I always get the question Could you help me get rich fast?. Well, the most important Tips & Tricks for growing your inventory is to know values. Thats why I made this website, to help you know trading values and get rich fast. If you want overpays and not underpays, our up-to-date values will instantly let you know if it’s a good trade or not.

New Updates in Adopt Me

Adopt Me updates their game pretty often and introduces new pets. This is one of the reasons why values change. To know what the new pets are worth you can easily check in on our website, but remember that new pets drop in demand very fast in the beginning. By using the value calculator, you can see if the trades are win, fair or lose! This is also called WFL, but we offer more than just pet values. We are proud to offer not only the most accurate values in Adopt Me, but we also have the most trusted values. Even through game updates, we help you know what the new pets and items are currently worth.

Frost Values For All Pets in Adopt Me

With our built-in tier list we can compare all values in Adopt Me, including pets, items, toys, vehicles, potions, eggs and much more! We show these values in something called Shark Values and Frost Values. You can know more about these values on our Help page, but they help you to know what pets are worth in Adopt Me. We have common, uncommon, rare, ultra rare and legendary rarities, so comparing pets or items wont be a problem!

Value Calculator for Win, Fair, Lose (WFL)

If you get an offer in Adopt Me, make sure to use the wfl calculator to know if the trade is WFL! We know it’s hard for players to know values since there are so many. However, we have preppy pets, regular pets, neon pets, mega pets, fly pets, ride pets and much more! You may wonder how we could add all these pets with accurate values. The answer is that our team consists of the best traders in Adopt Me. We spend countless hours every single week to keep the values updated and our vision is that Everyone should be able to play. Values shouldn’t just be kept a secret between the best players. Whether you’re new to the game, recently scammed or just want to do fun challenges, we want to help you along the way. By increasing this help we want all pets/items to be added, so if there are any you can’t find, let us know by checking the help-page on how to contact us.